MEP Coordination Service

An effective approach for controlling cost on almost every project lies in the planning and coordination of the MEP's. An experienced MEP Detailer/Coordinator produces drawings that accurately represent the equipment, facilities, clearance requirements, accessibility, material, fittings and other aspects that can only be identified and represented on drawings by people with MEP Coordination and detailing experience.

The coordination of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) systems is a most important part for complex buildings and industrial plants. Effective MEP coordination requires recalling and integrating knowledge regarding design, construction, operations, and maintenance of each MEP system.

Investments in design coordination allow architects, engineers and subcontractors to see benefits with:

Designing the project in 3D before any work even begins
A higher level of MEP coordination
Decreased volume of field generated change orders
Decreased level of installation disruptions
Expediting communication allowing ideas to flow quickly and easily
The 3D model , providing a visual tool to managers and field personnel

We specialize in preparing the co-ordination drawings across the various trades with horizontal and vertical dimensions to avoid interference with frames, ceilings, mechanical, electrical, plumbing systems, partitions etc. All co-ordination drawings are checked for collisions. Specific fabrication methods are employed to details each drawing. Our engineers will adapt their design and detailing approach to conform to your requirements and standards and are well trained with an expansive amount of industry rich experience.

We are accustomed to deal with various projects like coordinate a complete building, a zone, a plant room or risers. We have the skill to help you to decrease your costs and to maintain your project on track. Once the 3D coordinated model has been created we have the essential MEP drafting experienced to produce fully detailed coordinated MEP drawings and single service MEP drawings that are ready for use by site installers.

We use CAD MEP and BIM Model Systems with BIM Model MEP to create spatially coordinated 3D models for our customers.

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