MEP Visualization Services

We at revit drafting provide cost effective Revit MEP Modelling & MEP visualization services for MEP design solution with state of the art 3D technology to multi national contractors, national contractors, and other consultants.

The Contractor can utilize our services for the facility management phase of MEP project and reduce total turnaround time.

With our MEP Model visualization service the contractors, architects, and sub contractors get the ability to view a project before while it is in the building or installation stage for identifying costly conflicts and errors.

We present detailed 3D MEP visualization for all parts, systems and assemblies by generating MEP structural models with HVAC, pipe work model, electrical model etc. in electrical, mechanical and plumbing phases.

We also provide a fourth dimensional view of the entire MEP mode by consolidating MEP visualization with actual drawings and MEP sketches.

We regularly update the models to cope up with the new design modification facilitating construction and design teams to identify and react to changes.

Our MEP visualization services consist of the following:

MEP Visualization
Generation of final MEP Model integrated with architectural, structural and other MEP layout
Conversion of 2D design drawing to 3 D models
MEP Co-ordination Visualization
Structural & MEP Co-ordination
Formation of coordination between a range of MEP trades
Aerial 3D Rendered Views
Creation of Revit MEP Modelling walk through
High Quality 3D Animations with Special FX
Creation of interactive 3D Revit MEP Visualisation Models
Clashes detection rectifying layout of MEP routes, elevation and other factors
Creation of visually stimulating 3D MEP Models with shop drawing, builders work drawing,
   block out drawing, equipment pad layout, installation drawing
BOQ of Plumbing Fittings with Plumbing Pipes Parametric modeling
Quantity takeoff for all ducts, hangers and mechanical piping models
Library creation of MP components

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