MEP Modeling Service

3D models add realism and dynamic impact to any engineering project presentation.

We at BIM Model Drafting, India, provide high quality, detailed and dedicated 3D MEP modeling services of any mechanical part, system or assembly to lead designers and multi-disciplinary consultants as well as MEP contractors and consultants at most economical charge.Our combined MEP and structural models include all aspects such as HVAC CAD modeling, pipe work CAD modeling, public health/plumbing/drainage CAD modeling, electrical CAD modeling, concrete structure modeling, steel structure modeling and external building envelope modeling.

We are accomplished at maintaining up-to-date models that keep pace with new design revisions. We feel our responsibilities include immediate model updates that allow design and construction teams to identify and react to changes as well as provide the necessary paperwork to track, request and receive monies for changes.

3D Modeling from 2D CAD / scanned / hand drawings

Conversion of your hand-drawn sketches, design concepts, and drawings into impressive 3D models
Customize 3D models as per your requirement into any format of your choice

3D Sectional views

The discharge passage of Industrial Air Blower
Hot heat exchanger
Engine block assembly
Aircraft wing
Pipe section etc.
3D Assembly modeling

3D Assembly modeling

Assembly modeling of automotive components likes car body, , engine block, chassis, clutch, frame.
Exploded CAD drawings of assembled parts for customers working with consumer products such as toys,electronic goods etc
Complete 3D modeling of injection mould
3D modeling of automated assembly line
3D modeling of manufacturing plant
Modeled aviation parts

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